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Student Loan Service Center

Loan Deferments and Forbearance


A deferment or forbearance allows a borrower to temporarily stop making student loan payments. Not all loans are eligible for the same deferment or forbearance types. 

  • Deferment or forbearance options are outlined in the loan promissory note. 
  • Deferment  or forbearance requests must be made using the appropriate form and include all required documentation. 
  • Requests may only be approved for up to one year at a time, therefore if circumstances persist beyond a year the borrower must submit a request to renew their deferment or forbearance.
  • Borrowers must notify ECSI or the Student Loan Service Center if there is any changes that might impact deferment eligibility.
  • For the Federal Perkins Student Loans interest will NOT accrue while in a borrower requested deferment and the borrower is entitled to a post-deferment grace period of 180 days.
    • Perkins loans are also eligible for forbearance if they are not eligible for deferment. During a forbearance payments are suspended, interest continues to accrue and there is no post-deferment grace period.
  • The HRSA Nursing Student Loan is also eligible for interest free deferments, however there is no post-deferment grace period.
    • Nursing Student Loans are also eligible for forbearance.
  • All other institutional loans serviced by the Student Loan Service Center will have varying types of deferments and forbearance provisions.  Please contact the Student Loan Service Center or review the loan promissory note for specifics.

Access Deferment and Forbearance Request Forms.




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