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Student Loan Service Center

Loan Cancellation Information

Under certain conditions the terms of the loan may allow a borrower to have all or part of a loan cancelled or forgiven.  As a result the borrower is relieved of any obligation to repay the cancelled portion of the loan.

The loan promissory note will outline the cancellation benefits, if any exist.  Regulations and procedures for approving and processing cancellations are maintained by the entity governing the loan.  

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation requests may be denied if the borrower is not current on the loan or is unable to supply the required documentation to support the cancellation request. 

To help determine eligibility for a cancellation please refer to the questions below:

I am seeking cancellation benefits for a Perkins Loan.

I am seeking cancellation for a Total and Permanent Disability.

My family member has passed away and I would like to request a cancellation.

Other Resources for Repayment.


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