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Student Loan Service Center


ACH (Automatic Withdrawal)
Avoid writing monthly checks by signing up for Automatic Withdrawal on a monthly basis.  Please complete the ACH Authorization located on the Forms page.

Billing Schedule

Payments are due the first of each month. If your payment is not received by the 10th of the month, your account will be assessed a late charge.

Billing Information

A billing statement will be mailed to you from ECSI (Educational Computer Systems, Inc.).  Always return the stub with your remittance to ensure that your payment will be credited promptly. If you lose your bill, you may send your payment directly to: North Dakota University System A5 at 181Montour Run Road, Coraopolis, PA  15108. Please identify your account by writing your account number on your check.

Credit Card Payment or E-Check

Please see Make a Payment.

Internal Collections

The Student Loan Service Center wants to work with you to get your loan paid. If you encounter difficulties, please contact the Student Loan Service Center at 1-800-698-7397 or ECSI at 888-549-3274 immediately to try to resolve the problem.


Federal Regulations allow a Federal Perkins Loan borrower to rehabilitate a defaulted loan. You, the borrower must request this. To rehabilitate, 9 consecutive, on time monthly payments must be made (amount to be determined by the Service Center). Once the rehabilitation process is completed the following will take place: The loan will return to regular status, restoring rights and benefits of the promissory note and the  Credit Bureaus will be instructed to remove the default from your credit history.  You may rehabilitate a loan ONE TIME ONLY. For Information please call the the Service Center at 800-698-7397 or email us at

Collection Agencies

If you fail to pay your loan or contact us, Federal regulations require that your loan be placed with a commercial collection agency when it becomes 120 days past due. Our office cannot set up any repayment arrangements once your account is with a collection agency.
Note: If your account is with a collection agency, but you believe you are eligible for a deferment, or cancellation, you should contact the Student Loan Service Center.

Consequences of a Past Due Loan

  • Negative Credit Rating 
  • A hold being placed on your student record 
  • Ineligible for further Financial Aid 
  • Your account may be turned over to a collection agency and you will be responsible to pay all collection costs and legal fees. 

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