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Student Loan Service Center

Borrower's Rights

  • To Pre-pay all or part of the loan(s) without penalty at any time.
  • To a Grace Period after graduation or discontinuing education, on most loans. During this grace period, payment is not required and interest does not accrue on the Perkins and Nursing loans. Interest may accrue during the grace period on some institutional loans.  Repayment of the loan does not begin until the grace period has expired.
  • To Deferment of payment, if eligible.
  • To Cancellation of loan, if eligible


Borrower’s Responsibilities

  • To make payments on time.
  • To notify ECSI or the Student Loan Service Center if payment cannot be made by the due date. A Late Fee will be charged if the account is not brought current.
  • To notify ECSI or the Student Loan Service Center if there is any change of address, name or phone number.
  • To file appropriate forms, such as deferment or cancellation, in a timely manner.
  • To understand that failure to repay your student loan will have serious consequences:
    • Referral to collection agency.
    • Report the past due status of your loan to National Credit Bureau reporting agencies.
    • Loss of eligibility for deferment or cancellation benefits.
    • Loss of eligibility for further Federal Financial Aid.
    • Hold will be placed on your academic transcript.

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